Starting Over

Up until recently, I had fancied myself a writer; a conversationalist with a knack to captivate any given audience with my words in print. I deluded myself into thinking I was creative, special, or in some instances, important. I suppose having various outlets to foster my own self delusions only exasperated this lie.

Perhaps the adage that, “with age comes wisdoms”, holds some bearing on my recent revelation, but that would be me taking credit for an actualization that came to me after reading someone else words. That would very much have been the old me; attempting a marathon with millions of other runners rather than ask, “What are we running for?”

Before this post starts to resemble the myriad of; “I’ve change my life because of one overly examined occurrence I had”, blog post – I would like to nip that notion in the bud. I’m not a new person, I’m not a new writer, in fact I am much of the same person, but with hopefully a better understanding of writing.

“Shutter every time I see “your instead of a “you’re”.”

Over the course of prepping for AP English classes, graduating high school, enrolling in BS college-level English classes and skating by with a minimum effort term papers; I had taken for granted the simple qualities of writing. The subtle techniques of “re-reading”, “editing” and formatting had all but abandoned my process. I look back on some of my earlier work and shutter every time I see a “your” instead of a “you’re”. Not only had I gotten indolent with my writing structure, but my messages suffered as well. The way I wrote was a reflection of the way I thought. The way I thought was a reflection of what I had to say, and what I had to say was a reflection of how I viewed life. It seemed what I had to say and how I viewed life was directly correlated. My view on life became a happy little stagnation, and I had nothing really to say about it.

I’m hoping I can change this. With a bit more cognitive viewing of the world around me, perhaps my musings will hold some substantive purpose. Instead of writing about what I’m “bothered by”, “inquisitive about”, or “feeling”, I could offer much more in-depth perspectives on the subject matter.

I would like to envision a future blog with writings that are more than misspelled and misplaced run-on soliloquies about what I hate about a specific movie. Rather a blog post about “why” I disagreed. Why I disagreed with the direction the studios, screenwriters (whose full name I should know, and work I can reference), directors, director of photography, music supervisors, actors, original authors – and the dozen or so other creative heads – would make for a much more informative and possibly enjoyable read.

I would like to thank you for allowing me this chance to start over. Allowing me the opportunity to push the rewind button is huge for me, because as many of us know once it’s on the internet, it’s there FOREVER.


[1] I had blogs dedicated to Screenplays, scripts, comics, and even attempted to maintain a website. Tumblr was the worst offender. It’s basically where kids go when their parents have a Facebook account. Lots of under-age boobies!

[2] A friend of mine from a job long ago directed me to this very poignant writer.

[3] Obviously this is a metaphor, I hate running and people who ask you to pay them to run are like…well running Jehovah Witnesses.

[4] Look at that, you learned something today.

[5] A simple misplacement of an apostrophe and you instantly look like an idiot, unless the person you’re discussing with has no clue there is a difference. In that case “your” both idiots.

[6] I would really like to blame “Reality TV”, but as mind-mushing as it is, I still enjoy it.

[7] Hopefully researching their work will lead to a rabbit hole of creative work I may have not otherwise explored. Chances are it won’t, but at least I can give my Netflix account a justified workout.

[8] Back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s this was a thing. There were “scroll bars”.



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