A Reflection 001

A Reflection 001

So here I am, smack-dab in the middle of the metaphorical fork in the road. To the right of me is a stupid choice, to the left of me is not. I can choose to engage in this activity, come out the victor, and relinquish all prior doubt or subsequent insecurities. On the other hand, I can also choose not to participate and save myself the night of tossing and turning and feeling like a beached whale, which is inevitable.

Fast forward 2 hours:
Here I am trying to stuff pancake number 12 in my mouth. Thinking with every bite, “this is so f**king” stupid. Yet I continue.

Why, because I was challenged? I can’t back down, even though I had a crab and shrimp omelet, with provolone cheese, (for those of you out there, you know how deadly cheese is in the middle of the night can be) with three prior pancakes. Instead I was given an opportunity to display my inability to exercises proper usage of “fee-will”.

Why the hell, didn’t I just say…” you know what…I’m gonna have to pass on this one.”? Better yet why do I feel I was forced to make such a decision?
That night while I laid face up (cause my bloated ass belly wouldn’t allow for any other positions) listening to my I-pod and the slow digestion of 5 pounds of pancake mix and a gallon of syrup; I starting thinking…
If some divinity out there knew I was going to do such a dumb ass move, why didn’t they tell me? Or if they designed the entire encounter, did I even have a choice to begin with?

The course of history shows, that mankind, animals and even insects have poor “free-will” capabilities. Why on earth are we allowed to continue to use this “god given gift”?

Just some examples of “free will gone wrong:
The Atom Bomb
Pearl Harbor
Nazi Germany 1940-1945
The gun
The Korean War
Bay of Pigs
Japanese concentration camps
Unchanging constitution
The Spanish Inquisition
George Bush
George W. Bush
The Catholic Church
Insurance fraud
Snuff Films
most Van-Damm movies
Nuclear weapons
Female Circumcision
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse
Child Endangerment
teen pregnancy
drunk driving
gang violence
police brutality
Will & Grace
gay bashing
Operation Donograde
political turmoil
3rd world countries
the rise in Aids in Africa
Heaven’s Gate
Jeffery Dohmer
Ted Bundy
John Wayne Gayse
Bio chemical weapons
white collar crime…..the list goes on and it will continue to grow. With all that is corrupt, evil and awful, we’re still allowed to make poor decisions.

If we make these decisions, then we alone are to blame for all of man’s suffering, pain, anguish, hurt, and sadness…if this is to be true, then we alone are to contribute to all that is good too. If, with “free-will” we are responsible for pain, anguish, hurt, happiness, sadness, joy, good, and all the other facets of life, then what the hell does GOD actually do?



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