The Legend of the Green Children


Legend has it that the Green Children of Woolpit first appeared in the small village of Suffolk, England, around the 12th century. The children, a brother and sister duo, from a place called St Martin’s Land; were legendarily known for their green skin, enchanting ethereal language, terrestrial clothing and incessant love of green beans. These bewitching children were found just outside a barn and were unable to account for their arrival. The locals of Woolpit took in the enigmatic pair and the children eventually adapted to the normalcy of being human. The twosome went on to learn English, lose their mesmeric green skin tone and began eating normal food. The legend of The Green Children becomes less than enchanting and far more mundane after that.

Luckily for us a new legend has begun.

Say hello to The Green Children, a pair of tellurian inspired european musicians who have taken upon themselves to continue the legend of the original Green Children. Mila and Marlow are a European electro-pop music duo known not only for their entrancing musical arrangements but their foundation work with microcredit, education and healthcare in impoverished nations. Much like the original Green Children, Mila and Marlow are a reincarnation of their sirenic brother and sister of old. Their new album Encounter, is laced full of bold electro -pop beats coupled with warm and heartfelt lyrics which brings the alluring world of the 12th century to a much more modern audience.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with The Green Children after their show at the Roxy this weekend and delve a bit further into their fairytale world.

JB- Between the earthy tones backed by your well-placed strings arrangements and almost atmospheric lyrics, I wanted to know what the inspiration and creative process is like when The Green Children create a track?

– It all starts with a healthy imagination! We try not to think too much during the creative process but let things flow very naturally. We share such similar inspirations and write and produce everything, so there is definitely a lot of ‘us’ in every track. We believe in keeping the inner child alive and are fascinated by folklore and nature.

JB- Since the release of your album, and the start of your tour, how has the whole process affected the group and The Green Children foundation?

– Well, we are getting to try out brand new tracks which is great. It’s lovely to hear positive feedback on a new song, and confirm its place on the next album! Playing live is just the best way to make a lasting impression for both our band and foundation.

JB- As with the nature of touring there are often stories of mishaps, delays, and mix ups. Many of them minor and often times comedic, do you two have a favorite touring story thus far?

– We played in London before Christmas and brought various pieces of U.S. gear with us. Unfortunately we obviously didn’t have the right adaptors because we fried our equipment! All our electronics were done, so it was an acoustic only show that night.the_green_children_157_by_iancinerate-d46xawz

JB- While on tour, some bands find that the crowds react a little differently to live songs as they do to recordings. Have you two noticed which live songs have a noticeable impact on the crowds?

– It depends a lot on the venue, but often times I think an up-tempo set works well, especially for a new audience which may never have heard your music. Getting people moving is always a way of getting participation!

JB- While your music seems to personify your similarities with the legend of The Green Children, I noticed your wardrobe also has a certain air of mystic woodland creativity, was this on purpose and do you two create your own clothing?

– Our clothing is an extension of who we are so we try to make customized items since we rarely find what we’re looking for.

JB- It looks like your tour is winding down, what does this mean for the Green Children and your foundation?

– Our tour is really just beginning. A lot of cool festivals this year, I think we’ll be busy in 2011.

JB- I heard you two are a bit of sci-fi buffs, and you’ve mentioned some classics which inspire your music. Are there any movies you two are looking forward to this year? Are there any that you’ve seen recently that may find themselves as inspiration for your next round of writing?

– Good question. We’ve been so busy, that we’re not sure what is coming out! We always try to watch every fantasy based film or animation, even if they aren’t great, there is always something in there to inspire us.

JB- Have you ever thought about what your music would sound like in movie or on a TV show? If so, what type of film would you be proud to sponsor?

– We would love to have our music in fantasy and sci-fi movies, since they were such an inspiration for it! We’d love to compose the music to a fantasy movie in the future.

 JB- Your foundation The Green Children, has been helping individuals for over six years, in a dream world, what would be your ideal situation for the Green Foundation, and what can we as fans and children of the earth, do to help that dream become a reality?

– The Green Children Foundation is a huge passion of ours and is focused around promoting positive stories, highlighting what works instead of what doesn’t. We hope that as our career builds we can shine light and raise more funds for truly positive campaigns. In a larger picture, we hope children approach us with their ideas and follow the dreams they care about. It’s great to see our community build, there are so many good people out there and it’s an honor when they come to us through our music.

JB- Thank you.


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