About Me

“Speak Loud. Speak Often. The rest will work itself out. “

-Kareem Hysanii Anderson


My name is Kareem Hysanii (Hi-son-ee) Anderson. I’m far less interesting than the story that got me here, but I’m trying to live up to it. A set of my Grandparents are Cuban exiles who embarked on 9 year expedition to migrate a family of 14 from Cuba to Trinidad in the early 70′s. The excursion involved shoot outs, jail breaks, midnight boat trips and shady alley-way money exchanges. In the end my Grandparents, aunts, and uncles (most of them) made their way to Trinidad.

A few years later, my father and a group of my uncles made another voyage to the United States. My father landed in San Francisco to go to school He worked as City landscaper while taking accounting classes at night. At 24 he met my mother who was Junior Assistant Buyer for Sacks Fifth Avenue. A year later they moved back to Trinidad to have me. I spent another 4 years there while they continued their lives in the States.

Eventually I was moved back with them. We began our lives in Fremont, CA and that’s where I grew up. Hoping trains into the city, grabbing sushi after walking home, playing pop warner at Senter Road. 10 years passed and we moved to Lancaster Ca. Yes I ask myself the same question, why?

3 years later, 2 Nationally Standardized test and countless I went to college. Perhaps it was the fear of the “real world” or student loans, but I stayed long enough to double major. I am one of the fortunate California students to have my Diploma signed by a Hollywood action star, so that’s a plus.

I worked restaurants while I tried to find job that would put my degrees to use. I didn’t find one. I lucked into a position in Disney Interactive Media Group, testing video games. Eventually I moved up into a producer roll and then into the legal and certification department. After 3 years of Mickey brainwashing and an unfortunate recession, I found myself looking into other fields.

I’ve landed a position as an Online Marketing Advertiser for Honda in Southern California. My days are spent pitching deals with Google, Bing and to a lesser degree Yahoo, for online positioning. I’m also creating and maintain online media like HD videos, PPC campaigns, retargeting banners, High resolution images, and website design.

While my life is pretty average, my life’s goal is to do something half as interesting as the start I was given.


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