Masculine=Feminist Uproar

feminismWhen did we outlaw being a MAN?

I realize I’m a little late to the table for this subject, but I believe better late than never. I was listening to the radio today, and a radio personality brought up last year’s Pitzer College controversy to gain leverage in an argument about our society “dancing a dangerous line around being PC about everything.”

The argument stemmed around how people are too afraid to be themselves in fear of offending someone. The two radio host argued two positions, the first host argued for tolerance and understanding, and the other argued that while there should be some sensitivity towards others, being PC doesn’t necessarily solve the “problem”. The second host also mentioned how being PC is affecting our future generations and the Pitzer College controversy was brought in as an example.

For those of you unfamiliar with the case, here is brief 30 sec recap.

Back in early 2008, some male students attempted to form a campus-based masculinity coalition. They wanted college recognition for it and funding from the student senate. For those who may be interested, these
links trace the struggles faced by the coalition, ending with a video of their first official meeting.

I watched the 3 part videos of this coalition open debate forum. And a majority of the “people” who had issues to discuss, were women who were being hypocritical in their points of view. Asking how the masculine coalition by its very name were being exclusive. Yet forgetting that feminism by its very name excludes male points of view.  The men at this open forum I believe held their own in a very calm and educative way, but the women at the debate were seemed judgmental, mocking, threaten, and almost frightful of the coalition because of its very name. They seemed to have a great difficulty of getting beyond their own perceived stereotypes based on the word masculine. Why are women so afraid of men being masculine?

The main debate seemed to stem around changing the name to make it more appealing to other people and groups. To which I ask why? The name doesn’t change what’s going to happen at meetings, it’s not going to change the events, it’s not going to change the celebration of man. If you change the name of the Gay and Queer Alliance, to Friends Holding Hands, it doesn’t change what these people are fighting for. Another argument was that the using the word masculinism (a made up word by the way) to shock people to gain credibility. Yet none of the people who opposed this coalition brought up that feminism actually used shock tactics to gain awareness to stake their cause.

It just seemed that it was a collection of other groups were trying to impose their opinions and suggestion of running this group and turning it into an extension of their root coalition. Homosexuals wanted it to be less masculine, feminist wanted it to be more inclusive, minorities wanted it to be more apathetic, so on and so forth, yet none of these groups follow their own suggestions.

I was a little upset at the resistance at which this coalition was met with. It just seemed ridiculous that a group trying to gather individuals to celebrate the heterosexual male point of view was ostracized for its attempt. I understand the slippery slope most people will jump to when arguing against a group such as this. What happens when the Neo Nazi’s, Klan, homophobic, or chauvinistic groups want to gather and ask for funding for their coalition? My answer, nothing. Nothing happens, as long as these racist, homophobes abide by the rules of the campus, i.e. inclusionary acceptance, legitimate educational value and safe gatherings, then there is no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to congregate. But by their sheer principles they would be in direct violation of these rules, thus not allowed.
When did it become offensive to be a man?


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