Blame Victoria Beckhem


Was wearing oversized glasses a conscious decision by women?

A friend and I were discussing the attractiveness loop hole a large portion of women seem to exploit most recently, and it’s wearing oversized shaded luxury glasses. These often times, brightly colored, darkly shaded, “take-up 2/3 of your face” sized sun glasses have now become the premier fashion accessory. I suppose my friend and I forget how important the area from the top of the eyebrow to the bottom of the nose actually is on women. Sure legs, butts, breast, hair, arms, stomachs, and the rest defiantly help sway a decision, but the face is often over looked and taken for granted. Some women won’t leave the house until they’ve put on these snowboarding goggles regardless that the weather outside is overcast with an 80% chance of rain and utter lack of sunlight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against fashion, trends or raising one self esteem through clothing, but this occurrence is getting out of hand.


My friend and I feel it’s yet again, another way women have found to falsely project attractiveness. With a combination of eye shadows, high heels, hair extensions, and push up bra’s it’s becoming more and more difficult to see a woman’s beauty for what it is. Now couple that with these masking sunglasses, women are basically wearing an outer shell of manufactured beauty. I just wanted to know whether or not if this was a conscious decision by women to wear these type of glasses and make it a trend for reasons listed above or did these glasses simply become fashionable because of their functionality. Covering up ½ of your face may mean one doesn’t have to apply makeup everyday and can still be consider attractive. Covering up ½ of one’s face may lessen the occurrence of certain types of skin cancers. Or perhaps women really have figured out that wearing these glasses actually preserves this false sense of attractiveness for these women who are fugly between the eyebrows and bottom cheeks area? GANT-SUNGLASSES-WOMEN

If you have a pair of these glasses, ask yourself if you’re wearing these glasses because they look good or because it makes “YOU” look better than you actually are? And what else will you wear next to cover up?


5 Replies to “Blame Victoria Beckhem”

  1. It’s called stupidity. One girl does it and now other celebrities follow suit without realizing how retarded giant sunglasses look on them. I mean, look at Beyonce. She looks uglier than the typical nerd with glasses because she feels they enhance her looks. Shoot, might as well cover up the whole body like in the Middle East if you’re that self-conscious around the media. Or wear sunblock.

  2. Well there are the pretty girls who know how to dress and then there are the pathetic ugly ones who sit and bitch about how “retarded” big sunglasses look. I’m sorry your lives are so sad:(

  3. Hello, I think sunglasses are cute and pretty. But I think most of all they give you a “mysterious” look; which makes people wanna come over and unravel.

  4. I second that Amy, i think big oversized sunglasses look hot!….on pretty girls that is, obviously ugly girls wont get away with it coz it’l just make them look uglier! get a life!

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