In This Economy…

photo23320060505-main_FullHas this current recession created a plausible excuse for Anarchy?

My roommate and a friend of ours got together and came up with a very pertinent observation. Now that this nation is facing yet another recession, a lot of people, businesses and commercials are now using the phrase “In this economy…” as an end all be all excuse for everything. For example, “In this economy, you want to get more bang for your buck.” (Thanks Toyota), or “In this economy, saving your pennies is becoming ever so important.” (Chase bank).

News reporters and political analysis are using the phrase to excuse ridiculous governmental decisions and poor choices by elected officials. “Well Stacy I’m out here with the Governor who is addressing the economic status of California, and wait, he just said he’s cutting all public school aid, metro link routing and assistance, stabbing all pregnant women in the stomach, and burning homeless people on sight. I mean in this economy, you really can’t take any chances. Back to you Stacy.”

I remember when the housing market began to crumble and analyst were begging the average American not to panic. Yet it seems everything in television is catered towards full scale cynicism and defeatist acceptance. Leading this wave of pre-apocalyptic financial devastation is the phrase… “In this economy”.

I think what gets me about this phrase, is it’s common sense umbrella effect. Things which would of seemed common sense to keep us out of this financial turmoil are now being hailed as never before thought of concepts and ideas. I mean did you have to say, “In this economy family means everything.”? So am I to believe I could care less my family when the economy isn’t shitty? “In this economy thinking wisely could save you money.” Hmmm….wouldn’t thinking wisely before this have saved us money and kept me out of this situation? It’s apparent we’re incapable of thinking wisely hence our current situation. “In this economy people are going back to the basics.” That’s nice, but don’t be fooled. People aren’t going back to the basics by choice. Maybe if they had of stuck with the basics we might have been in a better situation.

I just fear that now that people are accepting the phrase, “In this economy…” it’ll escalate to an excuse for far worst behavior. I mean things like:

“Man…oh man….dude, Dave I just killed a hooker.” “

“Awww man don’t worry about it. In this economy, you can’t afford to pay her. What else could you do?”

“Hey Debra, just do what I did…I left my son at the market”

“You did what?!!…”

“Yeah in this economy, I can’t afford to feed him. Why bring him home?”

“Damn girl! You’re right.”

“Hey bro, what the hell is this we’re eating?”

“Dog dude.”


“Yeah dog! I mean in this economy I can’t afford to pass up a cheap meal. Sure I live in this 4 bedroom house with two 20,000 dollar plus cars in the driveway, but in this economy, it’s just financially sound to capture stray dogs and eat them.

“Fuck! That movie sucked.”

“Yo son, in this economy, writers couldn’t afford to write a decent script.

“Laura, the defendant was convicted of felony assault, rape and aggravated larceny. And sentence to 15 years.”

“And ladies and gentlemen that brings this case to a well deserved conclusion.”

“That’s right Laura, but in this economy can you blame him? Goodnight, everybody.”

I know those are extreme, and ridiculous examples but how long will they be, especially in this economy?


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